Let's collaborate to create a winning strategy
for your business.

A message from Anne Plummer

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Business Planning

A collaborative process to breathe life into your ambitions.  We nail down the "what who where why how" with detailed financials to maximise your future profitability.

Suitable for Startups or established businesses.  We also understand the challenges of family businesses.

The process


I put $
to your ideas

I build you a robust financial model including a Dashboard for your new or growing business.  All the financial projections you will need for your business plan.

Together we test
and fine tune

Here we play with "What-if" scenarios to maximise the potential profitability.  We also consider non-dollar items such as the human cost and benefits on your life.   

We rehearse your
final presentation

We go way beyond the figures to fine-tune your presentation.  Be confident and super-prepared to enter the "Dragon's Den" to sell your business case. 

You're ready to meet present and persuade

Venture capitalists, bank managers, investors, even stakeholders such as your own business partner!  They will be blown away by your thoroughness and attention to detail.

What clients say.

Hear what our satisfied customers say about us!

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Anne Plummer
0415 533 195

  • Qualifications

    MBA (AGSM) Grad.Dip.Fin.Mgt. (UNE) B.Mus. (Perf.) Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.